3M™ Stacked Lens Cover FF-400-18, 1 EA/Case


3M™ Stacked Lens Cover FF-400-18 makes it easy to help protect the lens of the 3M™ Ultimate FX Full Reusable Respirators Facepiece, models FF-401, FF-402 and FF-403, while maintaining worker productivity in certain work environments. The lens cover features 7 layers that can be easily removed as they become contaminated. As a layer is removed, it reveals a fresh, clean layer underneath.

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More Productivity, Fewer Interruptions
To minimize the number of work stoppages caused by single-layer lens covers needing replacement during a work shift, 3M has created an all-new protective lens cover system for 3M™ Ultimate FX Full Facepiece Reusable Respirators. The 3M™ Stacked Lens Cover FF-400-18 solves the problem of interrupting work frequently to replace the lens cover. This lens cover system comes with seven layers, allowing you to simply peel away the outer layer as it becomes contaminated with residue.
Simply Peel to Replace with a New Lens Cover
Each layer is easy to peel away by hand while wearing the respirator. There’s no need to stop work, remove the respirator and then replace the lens cover each and every time. Simply peel away the outer layer and continue working. This stacked lens cover system can help boost worker productivity and efficiency by saving time and effort.

Versatile Len Cover Protection
Similar to conventional lens covers, this multi-layer lens cover helps protect the respirator lens from debris, overspray and damage. It helps minimize prep time when the use of multiple lens covers is required to complete a job. While useful in most situations where respiratory protection is required, this stacked lens cover system is particularly helpful in the transportation, construction, oil and gas, general manufacturing and mining industries, Workers involved with heavy painting, environmental protection and commercial aircraft maintenance can benefit from the convenience of the layered system.
Excellent Clarity for Optimal Visibility
Even with seven layers, the stacked lens cover offers good clarity, allowing workers to see the work in progress. Good visibility is essential for both quality control of work and worker safety.

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