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QRAE 3 Monitor for up to four gas detection sensors (QR3 | Pumped | CSA | LEL | H₂S | O₂ | SO₂ | Accessories | Wireless – 900MHz)


Specifications for this monitor: QR3, Pumped, CSA, LEL, H₂S, O₂, SO₂, Accessories, Wireless – 900MHz




Product Overview

Unique to Accurate Safety: 

  • Each unit purchased will come fully calibrated and ready for use  
  • Training provided  

About QRAE 3:

  • The QRAE 3 is a durable and versatile diffusion or pumped one-to-four gas monitor for detection of combustibles, oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, sulfure dioxide and hydrogen cyanide and other gases.
  • With more than 25 sensors to choose from — the broadest selection in its class — it can test for VOCs, combustibles, and a range of toxic threats, as well as monitor sufficient oxygen levels, making it an excellent choice for personal protection and leak detection in a range of industries and applications.
  • Wireless connection (available) sends threat and alarm data in real time to a central command, providing superior awareness for fast incident response.
  • Replaceable sensors, alarm, battery, large screen, and automated bump testing and calibration make it easy to use and maintain.

More about QRAE3:

Easy-to-change battery packs, easy access to sensors, internal vibrating alarm, loud 95dB audible alarm, and a water-resistant IP-65 case design. The rechargeable Lithium-ion battery delivers up to 14 hours of continuous operation in non-wireless diffusion mode. QRAE 3 integrated wireless option allows the device to be used either in a closed loop system (compatible with EchoView host) or with Safety Suite software.

Monitor-only configuration includes: 

Calibration adapter (diffusion model only) • T Calibration tube (pumped model only M02-3008-000) • Internal filters (mounted – diffusion model only) • External filters (one mounted plus pack of 3 – pumped model only) • Travel charger cradle with computer cable (M02-3026-000/410-0203-000) • Lithium-ion battery pack (G02-3004-000) • Universal wall adapter (500-0036-102) • Quick Reference guide • Barrier Box (M02-3011-000)

More about Expert Maintenance with Accurate Safety: 

Even the best products deserve maintenance. Elevate your gas detectors’ potential with Accurate Safety’s expert maintenance services. Maximize uptime, eliminate costs, and ensure on-time, on-budget project completion. Inquire here about these services 

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